Chuhiya Cloud Database Services

Fully Managed and less troubled database services.

Overview Of Cloud Database

Chuhiya Cloud offers a lot of completely managed, less issue, and enhanced database benefits that completely bolster open-source database software.

Our database benefits consequently and ceaselessly manage and screen your database wellbeing and equipment safely. At whatever point issues are recognized on your database, Chuhiya Cloud will find it and fix it for you. You no longer need to stress over the issues and appreciate an extraordinary encounter for the duration of the life of the database.

Chuhiya Cloud offers a completely managed database administrations. We screen, reinforcement, and recuperate your database consequently so you can completely concentrate on your business advancement. To give increasingly steady and versatile database administrations, Chuhiya Cloud improved the source code dependent on the open-source database motors. Our database administrations, for example, Oracle for RDS and MySQL for RDS have lower chance contrast with different administrations utilizing the network release.

Databases On Chuhiya Cloud


Browse 14 reasons fabricated database software including relational, key-value, archive, in-memory, diagram, time arrangement, and record databases. Chuhiya Cloud arrangement of direction constructed databases underpins differing information models and enables you to assemble use case driven, exceptionally adaptable, appropriated applications. By picking the best database to tackle a particular issue or a gathering of issues, you can split away from prohibitive one-size-fits-every single solid database and spotlight on building applications to address the issues of your business.

Performance at scale

Get relational databases that are 3-5X quicker than mainstream options, or non-relational databases that give you microsecond to sub-millisecond dormancy. Start little and scale as your applications develop. You can scale your database’s process and capacity assets effectively, frequently with no downtime. Since reason manufactured databases are streamlined for the information model you need, your applications can scale and perform better at 1/10 the expense versus business databases.

Fully managed

With Chuhiya Cloud databases, you don’t have to stress over database the board errands, for example, server provisioning, fixing, arrangement, setup, reinforcements, or recuperation. Chuhiya Cloud constantly screens your groups to keep your remaining tasks at hand going with self-mending stockpiling and computerized scaling, so you can concentrate on higher worth application advancement.


Chuhiya Cloud databases are worked for business-basic, venture outstanding burdens, offering high accessibility, unwavering quality, and security. These databases support multi-district, multi-ace replication, and furnish full oversight of your information with numerous degrees of security, including system seclusion utilizing Chuhiya VPC, encryption very still utilizing keys you make and control through Chuhiya Key Management Service (KMS), just as encryption-in-travel.


Scale Up Read Capacity On-Demand

RDS for MySQL enables customers to scale up read capacity on-demand with read/write split without affecting the writes, especially for large scale online shopping events and promotions.

Support Database Engines for Different Application Needs

RDS for MongoDB efficiently stores and processes a large number of documents and logs, big data real-time queries, or popular NoSQL applications.

Commercial-Grade Audit and Recovery

RDS monitors and records all database modifications, such as ADD, DELETE, and MODIFY operations.

Intelligent Analysis and Optimization Report

RDS for MongoDB simplifies common DBA tasks, quickly optimize the database, and improve business efficiency.

Advanced Security

Chuhiya Cloud database services not only pre-protect your database instances but also automatically encrypt your business data to prevent attacks on the cloud.

Upgraded Support For You

1 on 1 presale Consultation,24×7 Technical Support,Faster Response and More Ticket.

1 On 1 Presale Consultation

1-on-1 pre-sale consulting by experienced cloud professionals for all types of business, talk with our professionals to build customized solutions for your specific business requirements. We are dedicated to helping your business move to the next level of digitization and growth.

24x7 Technical Support

The basic support plan is available free-of-charge to all users who have registered for an official Chuhiya Cloud account. The plan covers a variety of service channels and content for you to easily get started on Chuhiya Cloud, such as trial versions of support services, e-mail newsletters, product documentation and developer forums among other resources.

Faster Response

Shorten after-sale response time from 36 hours to 18 hours for questions and inquiries. At Chuhiya Cloud, your success is our success. We provide a faster response time to help resolve your issues and answer your questions quickly and effectively.