About Chuhiya Cloud

About Chuhiya Cloud

Chuhiya Software and Cloud Solutions with its core competency have a significant experiences in evaluating each subset of Cloud Technology to engage, develop quality prospects for data storage and usage capabilities that reduce costing to Management systems. Chuhiya Software is recognized as industry choice for safe and secured Cloud Services initiating quality service to improve on key specifications of reliable and cost-effective data solutions. We served any businesses with well-managed data architecture, customized network solutions, secured and highly scale server with easy to access perfectly optimize data. We work on best authentic Cloud Networking architecture to automate hassle-free operations on cloud. We work on smart technology to address the complex challenges to be more productive for your organization and work for consumer interest. We work with cooperation and communication to understand the need of client. Chuhiya Software ensure to enhance Cloud proven solutions to administer data integrity at affordable and transparent pricing solutions.

The corporate strategy is built on cloud and data analytics resulting in increased productivity for any organization. With support of 10+ Cloud Engineer at Chuhiya Software, we scale, optimize and regulate your day to day business operational flow to ensure well managed service oriented data structure. It’s time to have authentic and reliable path to data management system for your business. We provide you cloud-storage solution to manage, monitor and control data activities seamlessly. You can expect fast, trustworthy and flexible data computing power.

Starting from serving small business ventures, we have now become the preferred cloud computing service partner for middle and large enterprises, including colleges, real estate, travel industry and many more. The best practice you will experience with Chuhiya Cloud services is cost-effective compute and storage solutions, efficient collaboration solutions, and cost-effective data mining application with reliable and secure data storage.

Products We Offer :-

  • Short Message Services
  • Email Services
  • Business Analytics
  • GSuite
  • Office 365
  • Cost Explorer
  • Budget 
  • Report
  • Domain Name
  • Website Development 
  • Virtual Server
  • Virtual Server Auto scaling
  • Relational Database
  • Simple Storage
  • Elastic Block
  • File System
  • Backup System
  • C/C++ IDE
  • Java IDE
  • Python IDE
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • Connectivity and Security
  • IOT Solutions
  • Business Communications
  • Business Analytics and Enabling Solutions
  • Virtual Cloud Atmosphere
  • Server Connectivity
  • Load Distribution
  • IAM
  • Cognito
  • GuardDuty
  • Inspector
  • Macie
  • Certificate Manager
  • Directory Services
  • Firewall Manager
  • Resource Access Manager
  • Security Hub
  • Work Docs
  • Work Link
  • Work Space